Leaders in Panel beating for Thames

Weather you’ve had an accident, want to repair old dents or damage or just want a new colour for your car.

Halsey & Stewart Panel & Paint Thames have the solution. We offer all services and solutions to have your car repaired to suit.

Collision Repair

We know that you never plan to have an accident, but when you do Halsey & Stewart is the place to call. We can arrange for a tow truck to collect your car if needed. We can assess your vehicle and even offer you a Loan Vehicle at a low cost of $5 per day. We are accredited by all insurance companies making the whole smash repair process easier for you.


In New Zealand, the elements can be quite harsh on your car, and if you don’t have the benefit of undercover car parking, it’s easy to watch the paint on your car slowly fade over the years. As well as the damage done from time. Our experienced staff can completely respray your car to its original colour, or a colour of your choice. Halsey & Stewart Panel and Paint Ltd have the tools to repair dents, and in some cases even complete a paint free dent removal.

Latest Equipment

We have invested in the latest equipment in the collision repair industry. We have a computerised Car-O-Liner vision chassis measuring system that leaves no room for error and is essential for a safe quality repair. Our latest purchase is the Inverter spot welder which is designed for quality minded body shops to provide quality spot welds with all new high strength steels and welding processes. We also use PPG paint system the leaders in the automotive refinishing industry guaranteeing top quality workmanship.
Contact the collision repair and refinishing specialist’s today to find out more.
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